All the KARIBAN BRANDS Collections

Dive into the KARIBAN BRANDS world through wonderful collections designed to satisfy the most demanding professionals. We seek to create and complete collections suited to various needs while ensuring efficient supply. Our collections are continually updated with timeless and on-trend pieces. Each collection is a journey and we hope that it will be to your full satisfaction.

The Kimood Home collectionvoir la collection

The Kimood Home collection

Discover a storage and interior decoration collection called "Kimood Home" that features hand-woven rattan baskets.
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Turn-up beaniesvoir la collection

Turn-up beanies

Discover K-Up’s huge range of turn-up beanies to keep you warm and stylish in any situation.
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Headwear pieces and kids’ accessoriesvoir la collection

Headwear pieces and kids’ accessories

Discover caps, beanies and gloves – K-up kids’ accessories. Various easy-to-decorate items sure to delight adults and kids.
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Trucker & snapback capsvoir la collection

Trucker & snapback caps

Discover our wide range of trucker & snapback caps. Essential, fashionable and functional, our caps all have something different to offer.
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Winter itemsvoir la collection

Winter items

When it comes to getting work done properly, protecting yourself against the cold is key. Learn more about our must-have items for those looking for comfort and technical features.
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The K-loop tracking collection uses digital technology for the good of the textile industryvoir la collection

The K-loop tracking collection uses digital technology for the good of the textile industry

The K-loop tracking collection features pieces made with Aware™ technology which guarantees total traceability.
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K-loop is inspired by the circular economy: “closing the loop”.voir la collection

K-loop is inspired by the circular economy: “closing the loop”.

Kimood’s K-loop collection represents a new take on fashion, looking to the future and the circular economy in a literal sense. The K-loop collection eliminates waste, “Nothing is created, everything is transformed”.
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Kimood Recycled Polyester collectionvoir la collection

Kimood Recycled Polyester collection

A socially conscious bag collection made from recycled polyester. Allowing reuse of materials that would otherwise be incinerated as well as a significant reduction in energy consumption and environmental impact.
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Jacquard collection Kimoodvoir la collection

Jacquard collection Kimood

An original, on-trend patterned collection made from recycled materials. The Jacquard weave gives each piece a unique look.
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Corporate collection Kimoodvoir la collection

Corporate collection Kimood

The Corporate collection features elegant, functional and durable bags for business use. Discover a wide range of trendy or classic designs that are both versatile and customisable.
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