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The Kariban brand is mainly designed for professionals looking for new inspirations and style. By virtue of our experience, we offer you a wide range of workwear collections dedicated to many sectors of activity.

Each collection is unique and combines both beautiful and functional creations which draw their inspiration from ready-to-wear clothing. Indeed, our outfits complement one another and can be combined thanks to slim fits for men and ladies, adapted materials, and modern and sleek lines. Reinventing ourselves and redefining the contours of workwear through increased comfort and innovation, that is our overriding ambition.

Collection Basic+voir la collection

Collection Basic+

The Basic+ Collection offers an incredible choice of colours with countless styles to help you put together a beautiful wardrobe.
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Organic Collectionvoir la collection

Organic Collection

Sleek lines and neat finishes for maximum softness and comfort...
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Vintage Collectionvoir la collection

Vintage Collection

Inspired by the 90s, the No Label clothing range from the Vintage Collection is above all casual and revolves around sleek pieces and soft materials that are comfortable to wear.
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Lounge Collectionvoir la collection

Lounge Collection

An ode to comfort and casualness. Enter a world of hygge and understated cool elegance.
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Collection Made In Europevoir la collection

Collection Made In Europe

The KARIBAN BRANDS Made in Europe collection has been crafted with the best know-how and prioritises short channels. It plays a role in the protection and expansion of the European textiles industry.
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Sailing Collectionvoir la collection

Sailing Collection

The chic and traditional seaside trend brings freshness to your wardrobe and is available in several styles that are easy to decorate.
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Collection Corporatevoir la collection

Collection Corporate

The Kariban Corporate collection offers elegant French outfits for men and women who want a touch of class whatever the occasion, especially at work.
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Collection Hospitalityvoir la collection

Collection Hospitality

Comfortable, easy-care, eclectic and customisable, the Hospitality Collection has been designed to meet your needs.
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Each of our collections has a specific theme and a perfectly designed style, which revolve around a modern vision of professional textile. Colour, choice and new items are what we offer in the Basic+ collection; this collection comes in a range of over 25 colourways that will make your head spin.

Does your clientele work in the reception and service industry? The Hospitality collection has it all: uniforms, aprons, shirts, etc. Our comfortable and easy-care outfits are ideally suited to professional requirements. French elegance is the climax of the Premium collection, which offers various slim fit and trendy items as well as top-quality Supima® cotton used for t-shirts and polo shirts, the fibres of which are softer and hard-wearing. If you are looking for softness and a snug comfort to meet your customers' expectations, enter the Lounge world of cocooning; it offers fluid and light items in soft and OCS blended certified cotton, with regular fit and soft shades, as well as an underwear range.

The sustainable corporate wear of the Organic collection guarantees products made from OCS 100 or OCS blended 100% organic cotton certified by Ecocert Greenlife as well as from other eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester. And is complemented at each season by new items that are environmentally friendly.

The Vintage and Sailing collections are in the same vein, even though they are very different; they consist of iconic items that will give locker rooms a distinctive look with a trendy and original touch. For easy decoration access, the Vintage collection is a No Label collection, and has an intentionally faded look that makes it beautiful and unique. Our collections guarantee well-being, quality, hard-wearing, professional expertise and an amazing easy decoration access.