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Check out the eclectic and ever more responsible world of the Kimood bag and luggage brand and discover beautiful collections suitable for all styles, designed to make everyday life easier and open up wider options for customisation. Our practical bags meet the needs and expectations of a wide target group and offer an additional benefit as they are also perfect mobile media. From shopping to leisure, work, sports, gifts, packaging or advertising, you can look forward to a wide range of inspiring and inspired themes in each collection!

The Kimood Home collectionvoir la collection

The Kimood Home collection

Discover a storage and interior decoration collection called "Kimood Home" that features hand-woven rattan baskets.
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K-loop is inspired by the circular economy: “closing the loop”.voir la collection

K-loop is inspired by the circular economy: “closing the loop”.

Kimood’s K-loop collection represents a new take on fashion, looking to the future and the circular economy in a literal sense. The K-loop collection eliminates waste, “Nothing is created, everything is transformed”.
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Kimood Recycled Polyester collectionvoir la collection

Kimood Recycled Polyester collection

A socially conscious bag collection made from recycled polyester. Allowing reuse of materials that would otherwise be incinerated as well as a significant reduction in energy consumption and environmental impact.
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Corporate collection Kimoodvoir la collection

Corporate collection Kimood

The Corporate collection features elegant, functional and durable bags for business use. Discover a wide range of trendy or classic designs that are both versatile and customisable.
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Jacquard collection Kimoodvoir la collection

Jacquard collection Kimood

An original, on-trend patterned collection made from recycled materials. The Jacquard weave gives each piece a unique look.
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Collection Consciousvoir la collection

Collection Conscious

The Conscious Collection is Kimood’s very first collection. It is dedicated to ranges made from natural fibres, such as jute canvas, cotton, organic cotton and juco with OEKO-TEX, GOTS, OCS or VEGAN certification. We’ve channelled all o...
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Collection Recycled Cottonvoir la collection

Collection Recycled Cotton

The Recycled cotton collection is made from recycled cotton and promotes sustainable fashion.
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Collection Handloom recycledvoir la collection

Collection Handloom recycled

Created as part of a respectful collaboration with the company HandTouch, the Handloom recycled collection is eco-designed, sustainable and socially conscious. Kimood showcases its partners’ know-how in an entirely hand-made collection.
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Winter Collectionvoir la collection

Winter Collection

An original, on-trend patterned collection made from recycled materials. The Jacquard weave gives each piece a unique look.
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Engaged in a continuous quest for innovation and streamlined looks for business, our stylists pay particularly close attention to trends and finishes that allow easier organisation for workers. The Corporate collection focuses on business and features a wide range of products tailored to urban and working lifestyles. Most Kimood collections promote ethical and eco-responsible values. They reflect a commitment to sustainability and respect for people and the planet, with an irrepressible desire to continuously go a step further and adapt as closely as possible to developments in the market. The Conscious collection draws inspiration from the very heart of nature, carefully selecting natural raw materials to create a rich and varied composition of bags and luggage. Handloom recycled features unique pieces, with beautiful bags produced entirely by hand by women. This sustainable, handcrafted and committed collection effectively helps to support the livelihoods of families living in remote areas of Bangladesh, and the work of women in particular, thus helping to avoid depopulation of villages and following an environmentally friendly approach. Reflecting the brand's concern for renewal and avoidance of waste, Kimood's Jacquard, Recycled cotton and Recycled polyester collections give recovered materials a new lease of life as trendy and durable bags! However, the most surprising collection of all is undoubtedly K-loop. It uses polyester recycled from bottles and leftover cotton from the production of sweatshirts by an associated brand to close the loop of the circular economy, in the strict sense of the word. What’s more, a cutting-edge traceability technology allows end users to track all the steps in the production of their bag, from start to finish. Following an even more responsible approach and aiming to prioritise local distribution channels and traditional European expertise, the Made in Europe collection significantly reduces the involvement of intermediaries and the carbon footprint. Kimood collections use primarily natural resources and recycled materials to develop competitive, high-quality products in step with the latest fashions.