Kimood Recycled Polyester collection

Recycled Polyester collection

With this ethical collection of bags in various styles, the Kimood brand is giving a new lease of life to waste materials and reducing its environmental footprint.

This collection in line with an eco-friendly fashion approach is made from recycled polyester. The use of recycled polyester in the production of our bags is a sustainable solution that offers many advantages in comparison to conventional polyester.

There are 2 types of recycled polyester:

  • Pre-consumer recycled polyester which is derived from waste that has never been used by end consumers. This is production waste and industrial waste.
  • Post-consumer recycled polyester, derived from waste that has already had a 1st life. Recycled yarn is obtained mainly from PET plastic bottles (the plastic in classic transparent water bottles) or from used textiles.

Use of recycled polyester, which is a sustainable material, limits surplusproduction of polyester and therefore conserves natural resources. Consumption of water and energy is reduced in comparison with production of virgin polyester. High volumes of waste linked to virgin polyester are significantly reduced.

High quantities of bags are produced in an eco-friendly and ethical process

The eclectic Recycled Polyester collection guarantees transparency and sustainable commitment for all its bags, in particular with the GRS standard*.

Employees produce bags in good working conditions and production methods respect the environment. This ethical and virtuous circuit allows the brand to roll out its collection and offer an increasingly wide range of attractive urban and trendy bags while respecting nature.

* The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) aims to monitor the recycled content in intermediate and finished products. This involves checking that companies’ manufacturing processes, as well as their social and environmental practices, are sustainable and responsible. It guarantees the requirements and accuracy of the certification issued.