Kariban Premium

In a world where brand image is first conveyed by attire, it is essential to make corporate wear accessible and help create and maintain a feeling of belonging to a community and thus help bring out the best in employees. The brand was founded in this evolving context, offering essential, on-trend pieces.

Kariban Premium meets a growing demand in the textile sector, combining style and simplicity in its clothing.

Elegant and timeless, the brand prioritises comfort and freedom of movement, as well as versatility. Of premium quality, Kariban Premium responds to strict requirements, with a structuring and dynamic approach to the composition of target ranges.

The outfits are made with fine, high-quality materials, such as insulating soft Merino wool and premium American Supima® cotton whose extra-long fibre is soft and hard-wearing. Understated, the brand’s quality cuts and finishes set it apart, creating a minimalist style and allowing for optimum decoration access.

In addition to its impeccable look and elegant design, Kariban Premium is entirely “No Label”: there is no brand label, only a size tag for easy decoration access and to give your customers complete freedom of expression. To stand out and adapt to various professional sectors, the brand has chosen neutral colours, such as black, white and a few shades of blue.

Kariban Premium

Kariban Premium promotes a “less is more” concept for elegance and simplicity whatever the occasion.

In the spirit of the times, minimal chic has naturally established itself at KARIBAN BRANDS, offering the added value and return to basics we all need.

Hand-picked pieces have been selected to meet the fundamental needs of brands seeking comfortable, attractive attire. Kariban Premium presents clean lines and basic colours for a meticulous appearance with a poised, stylish touch.

Furthermore, our clothing is very easy to pair with other items and may form various outfits and easily and effectively convey the values of your clientele.

Kariban Premium is mainly targeted at the corporate, high-quality hotel, property, insurance and finance sectors, as well as any industry requiring a certain standard of dress. Achieve easy elegance with Kariban Premium.

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