For many years now, we have been prioritising the use of natural materials such as organic cotton and jute canvas. Kimood is helping to build a circular economy through the preferential use of recycled fibres such as cotton and polyester. We pay particular attention to the certification of products with the most recognised labels such as OEKOTEX, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and OCS (Organic Content Standard). We also offer a wide selection of EVE VEGAN certified products.

At Kimood, we attach great importance to respecting the work of others. All our partner factories are BSCI and Sedex certified. At the same time we regularly carry out audits to ensure that good working conditions are respected for factory workers. These audits are carried out by Kimood teams present on site.

We work to reduce our impact on the environment on a daily basis. In addition to the use of eco-friendly materials in our products, for the past two years we have been redesigning our packaging by gradually eliminating individual packaging and using boxes made of 70% recycled cardboard.

At Kimood, it’s all about letting the KI gently guide our Mood.

Kimood consists of a multitude of products to meet all market demands in customisable fashion. To make it easier for you to find your way around everything we offer, we have divided our items up into themed sections.

The first of these is the Kimood Conscious Collection. It is dedicated to ranges made from natural fibres such as jute canvas, cotton, organic cotton and Juco, woven cotton and jute threads. All items are either OEKOTEX, GOTS, OCS or VEGAN certified.

In 2021, natural materials are becoming more important, and we have developed our Kimood Cotton Recycled Collection to respond accordingly. This line is made from 100% recycled cotton and polyester from recycled plastic bottles. All its items are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified by the Ecocert Greenlife organisation. An elegant line with a sophisticated design.

The Jacquard Collection is fashionable and modern. It is the little sister of the Cotton Recycled collection designed with the same recycled cotton and polyester materials. It includes handbags, shopping bags, large summer bags and backpacks, all GRS certified, with a sophisticated design and different details such as colour combinations, curved lines and contrasting interior linings.

The Kimood & Handtouch project (member company of ECOTA: network of fair trade organisations in Bangladesh) brought about Kimood’s latest social initiative Kimood: The Handloom Collection. The pieces in this collection are handwoven using traditional looms from Bangladesh, called “tant” looms. Bangladesh. They help to support the economy of families living in remote villages of Bangladesh, and the work of women in particular, thus preventing these villages from being deserted.

At Kimood we have a product to suit everyone, we just have to let the KI guide our Mood until we find the item that meets our expectations.

Kimood collection

Collection Handloom recycled

Collection Handloom recycled

Created as part of a respectful collaboration with the company HandTouch, the Handloom recycled collection is eco-designed, sustainable and socially conscious. Kimood showcases its partners’ know-how in an entirely hand-made collection.
Collection Recycled Cotton

Collection Recycled Cotton

The Recycled cotton collection is made from recycled cotton and promotes sustainable fashion.
Collection Conscious

Collection Conscious

The Conscious Collection is Kimood’s very first collection. It is dedicated to ranges made from natural fibres, such as jute canvas, cotton, organic cotton and juco with OEKO-TEX, GOTS, OCS or VEGAN certification. We’ve channelled all o...