Urban Apparel Collection



The Urban Apparel collection is the fashion sportswear collection from PROACT®. Discover urban and fashion forward outfits for everyday life and sports.

Inspired by streetwear, the Urban Apparel Collection is all about "essentials" and is aimed at men and women who want to look cool and sporty in all circumstances. Sportswear has established itself as an everyday fashion trend and is becoming accessible to all. We’re providing you with a miniature collection of comfy, urban, functional clothing that mixes things up and really pops! Since its launch, our Urban Apparel Collection has become increasingly sought after by our professional customers.

The reason it has become so popular is due to the impact of this multigenerational fashion as well as the technical choices of our stylists who have successfully adapted garments with a sporty design into lifestyle clothing.

The Urban Apparel collection is a comfy clothing line characterised by a straight fit and on-trend details. The choice of cut and the finesse of the details means this collection falls under both the sportswear and casual category. With the Urban Apparel collection, you have a choice between 4 colourways: Black, Deep Grey Heather, French Heather and Ash Heather, a new bright, marled shade that is new for this year.

All of them are understated yet sophisticated shades, inspired by streetwear and fashion. Our collection is accessible to all and can be customised easily, especially with prints or embroidery. Your customers also have the option of creating various styles and making the collection their own with the casual accessories from other KARIBAN BRANDS including caps, beanies, hats, bags and more.

By incorporating some extra accessories into this collection, you can add a touch of hip-hop or even sportswear chic. Anything is possible, let your imagination run riot! The high-end sportswear style has become widely accessible, which should please those who just can’t get enough!

Distinctive, trendy and streetwear-inspired

The Urban Apparel collection ticks all the boxes, injecting life into wardrobes and showrooms with its modern, impactful touch. Its main selling point is that it works just as well for sportspeople and trendsetters as it does for anybody who just wants to feel comfy while looking good.

It’s also suitable for professionals in all kinds of sectors, so they can opt for a fashion-conscious choice without too much fuss! Our collection is minimalist with a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched. The no-frills Urban Apparel collection by PROACT® features basics that all coordinate with each other.

Firstly, we have hoodies or jackets with high necks made from a mixture of materials to guarantee durability and optimal comfort. They feature zip fastenings, taped seams and gathered sections... The neat details on them have a reason for being there, making our jackets practical and aesthetically pleasing.

And our classic jogging bottoms with their modern slim fit contain elastane as well as having an elasticated waistband for unparalleled comfort. The Urban Apparel collection enables you to move freely and enjoy sports activities while opting for a streetwear style.

The aim of this collection is to enable end users to feel good all the time in our sportswear as well as looking more sophisticated, whatever their style. The Urban Apparel collection is designed for sports as well as for everyday wear.