Cyril Duroueix - PROACT®

A report from Cyril, PROACT® Sales Manager

December 2020

Cyril Duroueix, who has been PROACT® Sales Manager for a number of years, is a former professional rugby player who uses his experience as a high-level athlete to help the brand. Let’s hear what he has to say.

A report from Cyril, PROACT® Sales Manager

Cyril Duroueix

What is PROACT®’s winning formula? What tactics does the brand employ?

“PROACT® enjoys a long-standing reputation among professional and amateur rugby clubs. At first, we only used to sell this type of product in our stores: helmets, shoulder pads, mouthguards, shorts, socks, shirts, balls, etc. They defined the PROACT® DNA. 

Firstly, we had to change and direct our product strategy by refocusing our offering towards more general styles, providing classic ranges and two-tone products, to name but a few. We also worked on our distribution strategy to expand our customer base and reach a new type of customer. Our distribution channels have therefore evolved. PROACT® is a fully-fledged sports brand. It’s almost autonomous and that’s a real asset. 

We’ve been publishing a dedicated catalogue for two years now. This promotional tool is an essential way of bringing prospective customers to the group’s website and giving PROACT® the opportunity to differentiate itself from other brands and thus establish its identity. Our strengths lie in the fact that we offer comprehensive ranges at very attractive prices, and have a large stock at our disposal. We see how more and more sports clubs and associations want to have their own crest as their clothing logo. 

This enthusiasm for decoration access is an opportunity and the technical nature of our products, as well as the variety (we offer both entry-level and high-end products) make us a key market player. A number of various services work alongside each other, including development, technology and sales. Field reports, market studies, new materials...

Everything is analysed to better meet demand, and bring the very best to our customers. Our goals are to develop even more comprehensive, competitive and innovative ranges, and to provide our distributors with as much support as possible. “

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