Go all out with Kariban polo shirts!

Go all out with Kariban polo shirts!

Cultivate the art of being unique

If you're struggling to decide between a casual t-shirt and an elegant shirt, go straight down the middle with a timeless classic: the polo shirt.

Kariban is an inspiring brand that always has something new to offer. The polo shirt is one of the emblems of the brand’s many creations. It is available in specific styles designed for leisure, work, sports and advertising. Our wide range of polo shirts allows you to meet all your customers’ expectations and offer them competitive market positioning as well as opportunities to develop and build on their success.

The polo shirt is the ultimate chameleon garment, a must-have in the most stylish wardrobes. Born in the 1930s thanks to tennis, it embodies sporting elegance and absolute comfort. Kariban soon fast-tracked the polo shirt and made it accessible in professional wardrobes by offering well-cut styles that are comfortable to wear in any situation. Piqué knit cotton gives the fabric a nice texture that is breathable, sturdy and slightly soft, which is why it is often a favourite material in our ranges. It offers a number of marking possibilities and makes decoration easy. In the tailor-made age, our polo shirts are perfectly suited to whatever textiles your imagination can dream up.

short-sleeved piqué polo shirt
short-sleeved piqué polo shirt

Mix and match with Basic+ polo shirts

Classic and modern, polo shirts from the Basic+ range are ideal for creating sets in twos or threes: men’s, ladies’ and kids'. The palette of vibrant colours allows you to make daring or more classic combinations depending on your requirements. Because they hold up well in the wash, our polo shirts are particularly recommended for professional and advertising use. Decorated with a logo or slogan, our polo shirts are a great way to quickly get promotional messages out there and build a brand. Made from pre-shrunk cotton piqué, choose one of our plain 180 g/m² short sleeve (K254, K255 and K268) or long sleeve (K256, K257 and K269) rib polo shirts, which perfectly combine casual wear and elegance. In particular thanks to a slim fit and subtle detailing, such as the side slits that accentuate the silhouette and are comfortable to wear.

We also offer original styles with a contrasting rib on the collar and cuffs (K258, K259) for a smart and understated look.

short-sleeved piqué polo shirt

Basic polo shirts have something for everyone

With a chic and casual style, how about our 220 g/m² piqué knit polo shirts (K241, K242, K243, K244)? Versatile, easy-care and high-quality, they are suitable for catering, craft professions, the service sector, and more. Both fashionable and iconic, they offer countless decoration possibilities and are the ideal partners for everyday life.

Organic polo shirts for eco-friendly fashion

Resolutely tough and with a modern approach, the Organic range is made from an eco-friendly material, organic cotton certified by Ecocert. Comfort, softness, sleek lines and attention to detail are the key components of the polo shirts in the Organic range. Standing out by choosing sustainable polo shirts allows you to express your originality and desire to consume less, but better. Organic combed cotton and piqué knit are perfect for printing and very pleasant to wear on a daily basis.

Straight fit 180 g/m² organic piqué polo shirts (K2025 and K2026) are comfortable to wear and fall in a way that makes them suitable for different body types. With a sleek and contemporary style, these polo shirts are classics that are part of an eco-friendly approach and offer exceptional print quality.

Sustainable, 220 g/m² organic piqué polo shirts with a heavy grammage (K209 and K210) provide a modern look thanks in particular to their fitted cut and side slits. These organic polo shirts feature plenty of elaborate details and quality finishes that make them ideal for embroidery.

short-sleeved piqué polo shirt

Sports polo shirts are popular this year

Thanks to the 2023 Rugby World Cup and other sporting events, we have designed new unisex striped polo shirts with a sporty look. Whether long or short sleeve (K285 and K286), they are perfect for fans or those looking for a chic and comfortable sporty style.