Emblematic outfits designed for individual sports

PROACT® individual sports

Emblematic outfits designed for individual sports

Performance garments for each sport.

Designed for gyms, our fitness, body-building and cross-training outfits support comfortable training.

We offer a range of clothing tailored to these high-intensity disciplines because athletes need, above all: freedom of movement, comfort, quick-drying fabrics, lightness, elasticated waists and reduced abrasion on the skin.

You can find all this in our garments with technical and stylish cuts and finishes.

Discover ideal tops to support training: t-shirts, tank tops, sports bras and jackets made from hard-wearing and comfortable materials. Featuring outstanding technical properties and timeless designs, our tops for men and women are ideal partners for the toughest training sessions.

A wide range of models in vibrant and modern colourways is available to meet the most specific needs.

Whatever your practice, you can find ideal garments here.

Our high-performance and trendy shorts, leggings and jogging trousers offer optimum comfort with their light weight and durable construction. Our range of trousers and shorts supports athletes in style with even the most intense efforts. Our training garments are very comfortable to wear and perfectly tailored; making them ideal for both training sessions or as lifestyle fashion wear.