Jeans from every angle

Jeans from every angle

Jeans for everybody

A wardrobe staple, jeans are timeless and forever reinvented in fashion. Kariban offers basic, modern and comfortable straight cut jeans for a day or evening look, focusing on versatile styles that are easy to wear at work. With a special intentionally faded finish, each piece is unique (K742 and K743).

A workwear specialist, WK. Designed to Work set its heart on denim work jeans: thick, resistant, supple and reinforced, featuring multiple pockets and clever details to make life easier for workers. Washable at 60°C, they ensure everyday protection and hygiene (WK705). In the same range, the brand has launched a new pair of multi-pocket denim Bermuda shorts for good breathability and comfort in warm weather (WK715).

Kariban Premium, a corporate and business brand, crafts fitted pieces that flatter the figure without constricting the legs and ankles. Offering a great shape, premium quality jeans feature an Old Brass finish for stylish haberdashery. The result is a formal, discreetly elegant look. It’s great to feel good while looking poised and stylish! What’s more, No Label means that each piece can be decorated to suit you (PK730, PK731).

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Chemises Denim

All-over denim

A wardrobe must-have: we love it for its timeless style. You’ll always look perfect with denim as your base. Discover the many Kariban styles, to wear your own way. The unlined and No Label denim jacket appeals with its slightly faded finish for a vintage allure (K6136, K6137)

The on-trend slim-fit denim shirts are soft, comfortable and pair well with a wide variety of outfits. Suitable for all seasons, they guarantee bold, laid-back style and exude a casual chic look when paired with formal pieces (K512, K509). Enzyme-washed for a super soft feel and excellent printability; opt for a vintage American style with a faded effect and a modern, Western-inspired design (K519).

The on-trend version

Denim does not stop at textiles. As proof, our Kimood bag brand has released an all-new collection dedicated to the most famous of fabrics. Sustainable and casual, it’s made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester. With their recycled base, the finished pieces are supple, sturdy, do not lose their colour and nostalgically recall the 2000s denim craze! On runways and roads, denim is everywhere and everyone wants a denim IT bag. Discover our  Denim collection.

When couture meets culture:

Jeans were created between Marseille and Genoa. The indigo blue thread led to the French expression "bleu de Gênes” (Genoa blue), the mispronunciation of which eventually coined the term "Blue Jeans". Denim comes from the contraction of "de Nîmes" (from Nîmes), indicating a cotton twill fabric woven diagonally and used to make jeans. In English, denim means "jean fabric".

The difference between jean fabric and denim?

On jean fabric, the warp and weft are in the same colour. On softer and less rigid denim fabric, the weft is ecru while the warp threads are blue, but only surface dyed. So does "Jean fever" or "Denim Lover" describe you best?

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