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Focus on workwear t-shirts and polo shirts

News from October 2020

A wide range of professional hard-wearing, colourful and well-cut t-shirts and polo shirts that are easy to decorate

We've developed and perfected our t-shirt and polo shirt ranges, must-have pieces for the professional wardrobe, to meet the needs of every industry. We offer a wide range of products suitable for a variety of uses and environments.

Labourers on outdoor building sites have different needs to those who work indoors. This is why our styles take different field constraints into account and offer you concrete solutions for your various customers.

Spotlight on some of our best work tops designed by our experts and tested by professionals from all walks of life.

Designed for work and from the same collection, discover the DayToDay t-shirts (K3020/K3021) and polo shirts (WK271/WK270), identifiable by contrasting piping and able to meet the most demanding criteria.

Suitable for daily use, they are washable at 60° and have been treated with an anti-pilling agent. These contrasting outfits are perfect for daily workwear, as is the antibacterial polo shirt (WK274/WK275), also available with long sleeves (WK276/WK277), which, thanks to a special SilverPlus treatment, reduces odours, maintains hygiene and freshness, and is resistant to washing at 60°.

Timeless and trendy, discover the practical polo shirt with press-stud collar (WK225). If you're looking for more softness, why not try our enzyme treated t-shirts K356/K380, also available with long sleeves (K359/K383)?

This technique results in a fabric that is very soft to the touch and resistant to washing, as well as excellent printability and a new and smooth appearance. Our combed cotton piqué knit polo shirts K241/K242 will complete your team's wardrobe.

Part of our eco-friendly approach, discover our 145g (K3025/K3026) and 185g (K3032) t-shirts made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. They boast a characteristic minimalist design, fashionable cuts and a wide range of colours (up to 30 colours).

The latest addition to WK. Designed To Work, the eco-friendly WK302 t-shirt, made mainly from organic cotton and recycled polyester, is perfect for your on-site workers and tradesmen. We also offer an eco-friendly polo shirt (WK270) with reinforced shoulder seams to prevent tears.

For healthcare and well-being professionals, we have also designed a long polo shirt with side pockets (WK290), washable at 60°. Comfortable and well cut, our styles are all suitable for decoration.

What are "second skin" garments?

Sober and functional, second skin garments are designed first and foremost to maintain body heat and provide well-being and comfort. They are worn under your clothing and, like skin, accompany the movements of the body thanks to their thinness and elasticity. We offer a range of tops in different styles as well as easily decorated bottoms: undershirts, long sleeves, long briefs and quick-drying base layer leggings. The perfect osmosis between warm and light!