Which softshell should you choose: 2 or 3 layers?

Which softshell should you choose: 2 or 3 layers?

Softshells are essential items for professionals and athletes, especially those who are regularly outdoors. 2 or 3 layers? That's the age-old question! Fortunately, at KARIBAN BRANDS, we've explained everything to help you find the jacket that best suits your needs and, above all, your desires.

In bad weather and cold temperatures, athletes and professionals need versatile jackets that meet many technical criteria. The softshell jacket is ideal, here’s why.

Our softshells are like soft shields, made up of 2 or 3 synthetic fibre membranes that insulate against the cold and rain, while being breathable.

They are very hard-wearing and have with a water-repellent or waterproof coating to protect you against light or heavy rain, allowing you to be active outdoors while remaining comfortable in difficult winter conditions. They replace the second or third layers of clothing usually worn in winter.

The windbreaking outer membrane protects against the cold while the microfleece inner retains body heat.

Choose technical pieces, designed to keep you warm and dry without compromising on style. We offer a wide range of softshells that can be customised and adapted for leisure or work. The printing area of our softshells allows a great deal of freedom of expression and an ideal way to highlight a logo or other message.


2-layer softshell: great protection for active people

Recommended for indoor and outdoor use, the K424/K425 jacket protects against cold air and moisture and is suitable for many activities. Lightweight and versatile, it is water- and liquid-repellent, making it practical and easy to keep clean.

Moreover, because it is thin and compact, it can be easily stored in a bag. Thanks to its stretchy material and microfleece inner layer, it is soft and ideal for creating warmth while allowing body heat to evacuate.

With a slim fit, numerous trims and contrasting zip fastenings, it is attractive and fully equipped, making it perfectly suited for everyday wear or working in storerooms, warehouses, etc.

3-layer softshell: outdoor experience

Able to stand up to the elements, 3-layer softshells are your allies against bad weather and cold temperatures thanks to technical membranes that are windproof, breathable and waterproof. This jacket with 3-in-1 protection comes in several different models, thus creating a selection of irresistible pieces.

Made from ecological Topgreen® materials, the eco-friendly 3-layer unisex K427 jacket offers ideal protection and modern style thanks to its cut and well-designed finishes.

Breathable and waterproof, the K403/K404 softshell bodywarmer provides absolute comfort by combining lightness and protection. This customisable outdoor/indoor item also facilitates freedom of movement. In the same range, there are several variations: our essential jacket for adults or children K400/K401/K402, the jacket with removable hood K413/K414 and the jacket with removable sleeves K422.

To avoid any compromise on style, the lined softshell parka K650/K651 provides maximum warmth while maintaining an elegant look.

The multi-functional WK450 workwear jacket is fully waterproof thanks to the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO treatment. It offers excellent comfort with a fleece inner and ribbed edges. The adjustable hood and pockets, along with the two-tone design, make it as unique and dynamic as its cut.

Designed for athletes, the PA323 jacket with removable sleeves is practical and offers a sporty look that is both chic and casual! Discover all our 2- and 3-layer high-performance softshell models, available in many sizes and colours, and take advantage of their numerous practical features, their easy customisation and their strong communication power.