ProactYour team. Our challenge

Proact - Your team. Our challenge Proact - Your team. Our challenge

Proact was designed to be the technical and stylish brand for all athletes.
Proact meets all field equipment needs – of the ground in the cloakrooms and specific accessories– for both amateurs and professionals in individual and team sports.

Originally a rugby brand, Proact strengthens its teamwear expertise in 2020 with complete team outfits, training accessories, a series of bags and other products that are indispensable for practicing sport whatever the level. Proact offers a wide range of colours for adults and kids to ensure that every team can find its identity among the products.

You’ll be amazed by the must-have Birdseye t-shirt with its many colourways and variations! When you want to relax and concentrate, the Fleece Collection and Urban Apparel sets will give champions like yourselves all the comfort you need.

Dear athletes, Proact will kit you out from head to toe.