The history of KARIBAN BRANDS

The history of KARIBAN BRANDS began with the purchase of a well-known Toulouse-based distribution company, Top Tex, in 1994 and, three years later, with the creation of the corporate textile brand Kariban. From the outset, the brand stood out for its modern vision of using textiles for advertising. It brought added value to the textile market by offering quality, innovative, well-cut and carefully finished clothing. When embarking on the Kariban adventure, its creator, Laurent Marti, worked on the basis that supply creates demand.

Supported by a reliable and motivated team, he developed the brand exponentially. A range of specialised brands emerged to better segment what the company offered: PROACT® for sports, Kimood for bags and luggage, and  K-up for headwear. This allowed each brand to benefit from its own identity and a specially adapted marketing strategy.

The success of these different areas of specialisation led to the founding, in 2019, of a complete and diversified corporate wear and accessories range: KARIBAN BRANDS. All the constituent brands offer a global service and stock that is constantly being replenished. In 2021, we developed a new workwear brand: WK. Designed To Work has been a great success and just keeps growing. In 2022, we saw a new success story thanks to the creation of the Kariban Premium brand. This premium quality clothing brand is dedicated to Corporate and Hospitality and stands out thanks to its minimalist style, superior materials and elaborate finishes. The year 2023 is marked by the roll-out of the K-Loop circular economy project and the launch of a number of pieces across all the KARIBAN BRANDS that cleverly complement the ranges.

Through each of its brands, KARIBAN BRANDS aims to build a quality offering that combines the shared values of well-being, comfort and style.

Kariban brand established
Kariban Sport brand established
Integration of the team sports brand, PROACT®
Kimood bag and luggage brand established
PROACT® becomes the group’s “teamwear” brand
K-up “headwear” and accessories brand established
The Kariban, PROACT®, K-up and Kimood brands merge to form the KARIBAN BRANDS group
WK brand established Designed To Work
Kariban Premium brand established
K-Loop circular economy project