Recycled classic bum bag

  • Practical and timeless.
  • Full decoration access.
  • Made from recycled fibres.
100% polyester. Classic bum bag made from 50% recycled polyester. A single, 100% customisable front compartment.

10 available colours


Technical characteristics and further details

Weight and composition

Available sizes

One Size

Price and packing

1 One Size
Colours €9.54 Excl. VAT
100 One Size
Colours €7.62 Excl. VAT
Stocks and restocks

Stocks and restocks

In stock One Size
  • Black KI0374_74161_74160
    One Size
    3404 Restocks NC 3000 ex.
  • Cypress Green KI0374_74162_74160
    One Size
    1681 Restocks Ø
  • Dazzling Blue / White KI0374_74163_74160
    One Size
    1879 Restocks Ø
  • Flamingo Pink KI0374_74164_74160
    One Size
    1497 Restocks Ø
  • Green Clay KI0374_74165_74160
    One Size
    1663 Restocks Ø
  • Insignia Blue KI0374_74166_74160
    One Size
    2087 Restocks Ø
  • Light Camel KI0374_74167_74160
    One Size
    1493 Restocks Ø
  • Orange Zest / Plum Purple KI0374_74168_74160
    One Size
    2449 Restocks Ø
  • Red Safran KI0374_74169_74160
    One Size
    1564 Restocks Ø
  • Soil Grey KI0374_74170_74160
    One Size
    1194 Restocks Ø