Key ring with tape

  • Pretty ribbon with easy decoration access.
  • Both practical and decorative.
100% polyester. Polyester keyholder with hook to attach to most zip pullers as a decoration. Exceptionally printable, the tape can be used to decorate and customise any bag or clothing with a zip pull fastening.

15 available colours

Technical characteristics and further details

Weight and composition

100% Polyester

Available sizes

One Size

Price and packing

1 One Size
Colours €2.70 Excl. VAT
500 One Size
Colours €2.16 Excl. VAT
Stocks & restocks

Stocks & restocks

In stock One Size
  • Antique Bronze KI0518_80401_74201
    One Size
    2341 Restocks Ø
  • Black KI0518_74202_74201
    One Size
    8264 Restocks Ø
  • Deep Red KI0518_80402_74201
    One Size
    2812 Restocks Ø
  • Goose Grey KI0518_80403_74201
    One Size
    2412 Restocks Ø
  • Ice Grey KI0518_80404_74201
    One Size
    2353 Restocks Ø
  • Light Sand KI0518_80405_74201
    One Size
    2361 Restocks Ø
  • Light Titanium KI0518_80406_74201
    One Size
    2375 Restocks Ø
  • Lime KI0518_80407_74201
    One Size
    2182 Restocks Ø
  • Navy KI0518_80408_74201
    One Size
    2055 Restocks Ø
  • Off White KI0518_80409_74201
    One Size
    2459 Restocks Ø
  • Orange KI0518_80410_74201
    One Size
    1794 Restocks Ø
  • Pink KI0518_80411_74201
    One Size
    2287 Restocks Ø
  • Purple KI0518_80412_74201
    One Size
    2432 Restocks Ø
  • Red KI0518_80413_74201
    One Size
    2000 Restocks Ø
  • Royal Blue KI0518_80414_74201
    One Size
    2334 Restocks Ø