Men's pinpoint Oxford long-sleeved shirt

  • Premium quality shirts made of Oxford pinpoint fabric.
  • 2 darts in the back for a slim fit.
  • Hem gussets, small fabric triangles that connect the front and back of the shirt.
100% combed cotton. Pinpoint Oxford fabric. Easy care (Easy care treatment). Superior quality 80x2 two-ply thread. Cutaway collar with removable frame. Mother of pearl buttons. Upper back panel. 2 darts in the back. Slim fit. 2-button round angle cuffs. Inserts on the sides. No brand label, only size label for easy decoration access.

2 available colours


Technical characteristics and further details

Weight and composition

100% Cotton
150 gsm

Available sizes

S - M - L - XL - XXL - 3XL - 4XL

Price and packing

1 S > 4XL
Essential Blue, White €84.06 Excl. VAT
25 S > 4XL
Essential Blue, White €67.26 Excl. VAT
Stocks & restocks

Stocks & restocks

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