Kariban: a multitude of fashion sweatshirts for every style

Kariban: a multitude of fashion sweatshirts for every style


Eco-friendly Organic sweatshirts for ethical style

The sweatshirts in this essential collection are made from certified organic or recycled materials, embodying sustainability and ethics. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers, preserving the health of the soil, water and biodiversity. The natural fibres of untreated cotton are pleasantly soft against the skin, offering exceptional comfort and quality. Our sweatshirts are certified to the highest standards and demonstrate a shared commitment to sustainability, combining promise with performance. Thanks to the LSF (Low Shrinkage Fleece) 3-thread construction technique, organic sweatshirts retain their strength and stability even after washing. With a palette of over 30 colours, our organic sweatshirts add a touch of style to your wardrobe while protecting our planet.


Styles : K480, K481, K490, K491, K492, K495, K4008, K4009, K4025, K4026, K4027, K4028, K4029, K4030, K4031, K4032

Basic+ sweatshirts, a palette of vibrant colours

We've created Basic+ sweatshirts with a clean, minimalist design, offering exceptional freedom of movement and optimum comfort thanks to our soft, fluffy brushed fleece. Our brushed fleece feels good against the skin and keeps you warm in cool weather. Our Basic+ sweatshirts are extremely versatile, pairing harmoniously with different outfits. With a palette of over 40 vibrant colours and an optimal design for branding, Basic+ is the flagship collection for your professional or advertising needs.


Styles: K472, K473, K474, K475, K476, K477, K478, K479, K4018

Lifestyle sweatshirts, with you every day

Our Lifestyle sweatshirts are comfortable, versatile and ready for branding. Our range includes a vast selection of colours, cuts and designs so that everyone can find the model that best suits their preferences. Our Lifestyle sweatshirts are also available in two-tone, three-tone or patterned versions. Designed for branding, they're the perfect option for reinforcing the visual identity of companies, sports teams or organisations. You can give free rein to your creativity by personalising our Lifestyle sweatshirts with logos, names or decorations in different colour zones.


Styles: K446, K453, K465, K466, K467, K486, K4013, K4014, K4016

360 g/m² sweatshirts: the power of density

We've opted for a heavier weight for these sweatshirts to give you top-quality thermal insulation. Thanks to this increased density, they add an extra layer of warmth, making them ideal for cooler seasons and outdoor activities. Our 360g/m² sweatshirts are characterised by their robustness and more structured appearance, resulting from their thickness and fit. This gives them a clean, polished look that sets them apart from lighter, slimmer models. The 360 g/m² sweatshirts combine style and versatility with unrivalled comfort thanks to our LSF (Low Shrinkage Fleece) 3-thread count design.


Styles: K442, K443, K444, K456, K457

Sweatshirts washable at 60°C for optimum hygiene

Our range of 60°C sweatshirts features a robust construction thanks to our LSF (Low Shrinkage Fleece) 3-thread construction technique. We take care to pre-shrink the fabric before assembly, guaranteeing exceptional stability wash after wash, preserving the shape and appearance of our sweatshirts. Opting for a 60°C wash effectively eliminates bacteria, germs and allergens that can be found on sweatshirts. This combination of a high-temperature wash and our 3-thread construction technique ensures optimum hygiene, removing even the most stubborn stains for smooth, soft sweatshirts that are perfect for printing. These advantages help maintain the cleanliness, quality and durability of our sweatshirts, making them an excellent communication tool for conveying your corporate image.


Styles: K474, K487, K488, K489, K4010, K4011

Vintage sweatshirts, a return to Old School style

Our vintage sweatshirts are a true ode to the 90s, combining casualness, timelessness and exceptional quality. We're committed to preserving their authenticity, with carefully crafted details and finishes, evoking a retro aesthetic that brings a unique elegance and sophistication to each model. These features set them apart from more basic models. Our sweatshirts in the collection come in a range of vintage colours, both plain and marl, carefully chosen and deliberately aged using special treatments that give each piece its own unique and original character. Their soft, supple texture, achieved with a peach-skin finish, makes them sleek, high-quality and extremely comfortable to wear. Although our vintage sweatshirts are designed to offer an exclusive look, we take care not to compromise the comfort of the cuts and enveloping fabrics. What's more, for easy customisation, they're totally No Label, ready to be adapted to your style.


Styles: KV2306, KV2307, KV2308, KV2312, KV2315

French Terry sweatshirts, unrivalled comfort

Our French Terry sweatshirts are the perfect combination of casual and modern. French Terry fabric features a looped texture on the inside and a smooth finish on the outside, offering a unique experience of softness, comfort and breathability. Thanks to its design, the French Terry fabric allows air to circulate through the loops, promoting excellent ventilation and helping to wick moisture away from the skin. French Terry also offers light insulation, making it perfect for mid-season or when you need an extra layer of warmth without the risk of overheating. The loops inside the fabric contribute to its resistance and ability to retain its shape and quality even after several washes.


Styles: KV2315, K4008, K4009, K471, K494