K-loop: the Kimood and K-up project

The K-Loop project by Kimood and K-up

The K-loop project is part of an approach focusing on the environment and traceability. The central pillars of this project are use of recycled materials and allowing transparent tracking of each step in a product’s creation for the end consumer.

This intrinsically green project is resulting in savings in energy, water and residue, as well as eliminating waste.


With K-loop, we proudly state where and how we produce our garments.

Grading and reusing production scrap in our factories and using recycled materials are all helping to minimise our environmental footprint.

Through this ethical and sustainable project, we are exploring every avenue and pursuing 2 main focuses in 2 collections (K-loop collection and K-loop tracking collection), with the aim of: designing practical and trendy products while protecting the planet and highlighting all aspects of the production of our clothing.

The two K-loop collections

What are the textile tracers ?

K-loop undertakes to trace, measure and certify each step in the process.