New Made in Portugal sweatshirts

New Made in Portugal sweatshirts

Our factories in Portugal

Portugal: the destination of choice for manufacturing our sweatshirts

Kariban's new K4035 crew neck and K4037 hooded basic unisex sweatshirts come from a Portuguese factory in the historic heart of Guimarães. This iconic place is steeped in history, as it is the cradle of traditional Portuguese textiles. Dynamic and modern, the plant is manageable in size and guarantees good working conditions, thanks to the European regulatory framework. Its responsible production is standardised by high quality rules and renowned traditional manufacturing techniques. The proximity of the factory and our storage warehouses means we can reduce our carbon footprint by considerably cutting transport times.
Durable, our sweatshirts meet the highest fashion standards and benefit from the finest local expertise. They play a role in the expansion of the European textile industry.

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Why choose our Made in Portugal sweatshirts?

Our Made in Europe sweatshirts are casual and are highly resistant to washing thanks to their anti-pilling treatment.

Timeless and unisex, sweatshirts are perfect for professional or promotional use. They adapt to all looks and all body shapes. Available in a palette of 6 essential colours, they can be worn with a wide range of outfits, including the new K3036 t-shirt from the same range. The perfect way to create harmonious, complete styles.

This may well be relevant for events, team-building activities, clubs or organisations where it is important to show unity and belonging to a group.

The main characteristics of our sweatshirts

Made from fleece, our sweatshirts are very comfortable to wear. Their soft, fluffy inner feels warm and comfortable, while the smooth outer is pleasant to the touch.

Thanks to the Low Shrinkage Fleece pre-treatment the high-quality fleece fabric remains stable in the wash and has very low shrinkage. This ensures that the sweatshirts retain their original shape and size, even after several wash cycles.

With their 3-yarn construction, the 100% cotton outer surface allows for optimum personalisation. Weighing in at 280 g/m², these sweatshirts are thick enough to keep you warm in cool conditions, without being too heavy to ensure you're comfortable.

Our new basic sweatshirts, made in Portugal, are ideal all-round pieces to complete a casual wardrobe.