Extra-large shopping bag in cotton

  • Extra large size offering maximum storage and plenty of space for decoration access.
  • Timeless, multi-purpose companion.
  • Matching handles for a beautiful finish.
100% cotton. Extra-large cotton shopping bag. Strap handles in the same fabric as the bag. 100% customisable.

2 available colours


Technical characteristics and further details

Weight and composition

100% Cotton
150 gsm

Available sizes

One Size

Certificates and Compliance Documents

Price and packing

1 One Size
Black €6.14 Excl. VAT
Natural €4.44 Excl. VAT
50 One Size
Black €4.90 Excl. VAT
Natural €3.54 Excl. VAT
Stocks & restocks

Stocks & restocks

In stock One Size
  • Black KI0292_74102_74100
    2531 Restocks Ø
  • Natural KI0292N_74103_74101
    3748 Restocks 2024-07-11 10000 ex.