K-loop organic cotton flat tote bag

  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton.
  • K-loop collection: contributes to a circular economy.
  • This product features Aware™ traceability technology.
100% organic cotton. Flat shopping bag with handles, 70 cm long. K-loop organic is K-loop's organic cotton collection. During the spinning process, tracers are added to the raw material: viscose and ceramic filaments that act like a unique fingerprint. The tracers reflect light and therefore have a unique, unalterable code. This means we can store all the information about the processes to which the yarn has been subjected unambiguously in a blockchain. Thanks to Aware™ tracking technology and its blockchain platform, Kimood enables end consumers to follow the entire production process. This guarantees that the product is genuinely made from organic cotton, without any possible alteration during the process. A special label with a QR code can be used to access the Aware™ platform and authenticate certifications directly using any smartphone.

3 available colours


Technical characteristics and further details

Weight and composition

100% Cotton
160 gsm

Available sizes

One Size

Price and packing

1 One Size
Colours €5.36 Excl. VAT
100 One Size
Colours €4.30 Excl. VAT
Stocks & restocks

Stocks & restocks

In stock One Size
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    0 Restocks 2024-08-23 2900 ex.
  • Navy KI6201_85644_85641
    0 Restocks 2024-08-23 1889 ex.
  • Raw Natural KI6201_85643_85641
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