Fine knit beanie

  • Slips on very easily and does not grip too tightly around the head.
  • Sustainable synthetic fibre that keeps you warm and respects the environment.
  • K-loop tracking collection.
100% Polylana® (50% recycled polyester / 50% polyester). Fine knit beanie with turn-up. Polylana® fibre feels as soft and pleasant as wool, is an alternative to acrylic and has a low environmental impact, requiring less energy, water and CO2 emissions for its production. Polylana® yarn is certified Impact Aware™, guaranteeing a 100% transparent and responsible product over the entire production chain, including the Aware™ blockchain platform which can be used to verify the authenticity of the Polylana® fibre. A special label with a QR code provides access to the Aware™ platform for direct authentication of certifications using a smartphone.

8 available colours


Technical characteristics and further details

Weight and composition

100% Polyester

Available sizes

One Size

Certificates and Compliance Documents

Price and packing

1 One Size
Colours €6.66 Excl. VAT
100 One Size
Colours €5.34 Excl. VAT
Stocks & restocks

Stocks & restocks

In stock One Size
  • Algae Green KP955_81157_80779
    1730 Restocks Ø
  • Black KP955_80780_80779
    1947 Restocks 2024-09-23 1500 ex.
  • Cement Grey KP955_81158_80779
    2689 Restocks Ø
  • Dark Cherry KP955_80781_80779
    1332 Restocks Ø
  • Light Sand KP955_80784_80779
    1096 Restocks Ø
  • Navy KP955_80785_80779
    1259 Restocks 2024-09-23 1500 ex.
  • Off White KP955_80786_80779
    1896 Restocks Ø
  • Sweet Grey KP955_80787_80779
    1850 Restocks Ø